Building regionally aligned Teacher Preparation Programs (TPP) in the Bay Area Community Colleges Consortium (BACCC) region.

The purpose of Teacher Preparation Programs (TPP) in the Bay Area Community Colleges Consortium (BACCC) region is to recruit, train and support diverse teachers, ameliorate critical teacher shortages in STEM, CTE and other high need areas, as well as to support the expansion of teacher preparation programs.

Please use this list below to contact and inquire about TPP programs and resources at these community colleges.

TPP Program College List

  • Kathleen White, TPP Projects & Pathways, Email
  • Tracy Burt, TPP Coordinator, Email

  • Rachel Mayo, Dean of Education Centers and Online & Innovative Learning Dean, Email

  • Pat Hendrickson, ECE Dept. Chair, Email
  • Karen Warren, Faculty, Email

  • Kelsey Wettach, Program Assistant TPP, Email
  • Jihan Ejan, TPP Director, Email

  • Michelle Francis, Faculty, Email
  • Leslie Hotta, ECE Dept. Chair, Email

  • Dianna Chiabotti, CTE Dean, Email
  • Kari Powell, Email

  • Kathryn Browne, Program Coord., ECE, Email
  • Kristina Brower, Program Services Coord., EDU/CD, Email
  • Nicole Porter, Faculty - ECE/Early ED, Email

  • Melinda Day, Faculty/Coordinator, ED & Hum. Dev., Email

  • Kim Schenk, Sr. Dean, Curriculum and Instruction , Email
  • Marisa Greenberg, Email
  • Christie Harrington-Tsai, Counselor - TPP, Email

  • Lisa Cook, Dean, Liberal Arts, Email
  • Joya Chavarin, Email
  • Gabriel Martinez, Counselor, Email

  • Sara Goldware, Director, Strong Workforce & Career Pathways, Email
  • Michele McDowell, Email

  • Ryan Pedersen, Dean, Math & Sciences, Email
  • Nicole Trager, Director, MESA, Email

  • Vicki Shipman, Project Manager - CTE, Email
  • Nadiyah Taylor, Coordinator/Faculty - ECD, Email
  • Lyndale Garner, Faculty - ECD, Email

  • Alice Hale, Faculty, Email
  • Christina Read, CTE Manager, Email

  • Christine Olsen, Faculty, Child Dev., Email
  • Jennifer Briffa, Faculty, Child Dev. Email

  • Nicole Kerbey, Faculty/Chair, Child Dev. Email

  • Mary Conroy, Faculty, Email

  • Jaye Luke, Coordinator - TPP, Email
  • Kay Fletes, HSI Counselor/Coord., Email

For updates or changes to this resource page, please contact Kathleen White, CCSF, TPP/RJV Lead Email